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Pricing & Flight Policies

  • Our hot air balloon flights* occur year round in our Houston location..

  • Reservations should be made by phone or by sending us an email request at:

 Pricing  for our hot air balloon charters are as follows:

 Shared Basket Charter               -       
 $275/person *
Shared basket flights are only conducted on weekends.  There will be 4-5 passengers onboard the balloon.  The rate includes the listed items below for you flight.

 Exclusive 2 Person Basket Charter     -    $870 per couple *
This is a flight in which only the two passengers will get the entire balloon to them selves.  This type of flight is only offered on weekdays.
 * A $15 / Passenger FAA Compliance Recovery Fee & Fuel Surcharge is added to each ticket.
 All flights are treated as an introductory instructional flight and can be logged towards a FAA "LTA" pilot certificate.

 These prices includes the following:

  • Your Hot Air Balloon Charter

  • Ground Transportation - To and From Launch & Landing Site

  • Post Flight Champagne Ceremony

  • Digital Photographs Of Flight (e-mailed to you)

  • First Flight Certificate

Cancellation and passenger policies for flights are as follows:

  • Purchased tickets and certificates do have a one (1) year expiration associated with each one.  Cancellation of the flight due to weather or mechanical reasons will not result in a forfeiture your tickets (if used within the allotted time.) If Air Texas cancels your flight more than 8 times due to weather or mechanical delays, as a gratis, we will extend your ticket an additional 6 months.  There will be no further extensions after this 6 month period and your flight must be accomplished before the six month extension date. Flight cancellations due to these reasons are at the sole discretion of the chief pilot.
  • Passengers who request to reschedule, without penalty, must do so prior to 72 hours of the flight.  Cancellations within a 24-72 hour period prior to your flight, will incur a $50/passenger rebooking fee, payable in cash, on the day of your new flight.
  • Passengers canceling within 24 hours of their scheduled flight time will forfeit their tickets unless the passenger can refill the vacated spaces with alternate passengers who are within (or less) the same weight range as them.

  • There are no reschedules for No-Shows and your tickets will be automatically voided.
  • Pregnant women; or those who may think that they are pregnant; or persons who have a medical condition, which in the pilots' opinion could be aggravated in the event of a hard landing, will not be able to participate in the hot air balloon adventure. Please notify us if you think any medical condition may be a factor in you participating in this activity.
  • Due to balloon lifting restrictions, the maximum passenger weight is 225 lbs. with no 2 passengers combined weight more than 400 lbs.  One may purchase extra ticket(s) if their weight exceeds the max. passenger weight or the gross combined weight if they wish to participate in the adventure.   Please call for full details. Passengers exceeding their declared weights on the day of the flight by more than 5% will have an additional surcharge of $5/lb. over their declared weight.  This does not include exceeding the max. passenger weigh of 225 lbs.
  • Passengers have 24 hours after purchasing a flight to cancel with a full refund.  After 24 hours from purchase date, all sales are final.
  • There must not be any active thunderstorms within a 50 mile radius of our flight zone + surface wind greater than 5 MPH along with FAA aircraft weather minimums to operate must be maintained.
    Our policies are strict because we have protected your reservation and not over-booked your flight.
    *  All flights are treated as an introductory instructional flight and can be logged towards a FAA "LTA" pilot certificate.

    Safety is our highest priority for our passengers.